Friday, September 01, 2006


A short recap of the 40th Birthday bash in Vegas: WOOHOO! Vonnie SURPRISE! Drinking, gambling, eating, champagne toast, more drinking, gambling, champagne toast at midnight, lather rinse repeat.

And now for the longer version...

The 5+ hour drive sort of sucked. Notice the scenery or lack thereof.

But we hung the pink ipod off the rearview and jammed to some Snoop, Coolio and Tupac (briefly) and then a whole lotta Elvis.

Dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak was oh my gawd so good. To start - Heirloom tomato bisque with smoked gouda won tons. Now imagine a giant delicious tender fillet topped with a blue cheese crust. And lets not forget the side dishes of truffle mashed potatoes or the cheesy potato things or the yummy veggies smothered in butter. They hooked us up with a champagne toast and desserts for the table. That's Vonnie on the right. Hi V!

The next morning with leftover makeup and glasses - this is the face of VenturaMom at 40.

The highlight of the trip was Vonnie surprising me. She and the Hubby conspired for months and LIED TO MY FACE! Damn they are good. She popped up in Bally's lobby and I had a momentary break with reality. I wasn't really sure what was happening but then it hit me - I sleep with a lying bastard and my best girlfriend is a lying whore. Damn tricksters. Good times, good times.


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Welcome to the club! You & Miss V looked HOT! Happy happy to you ;o) We have the bestest friends in the world, don't we?!

Vonnie said...

YES WE DO!!!! I just love you guys to pieces! Me - You - and Jo are gonna go do a mani/ped drunk party when I come home for my b-day. Good times, good times...