Sunday, July 24, 2005


Here is my list of 100 things that you may not know about me...

  1. I am the youngest of five children
  2. I attended 12 years of Catholic school
  3. I lived in the same house for my first 18 years
  4. I haven't been Catholic since I was 18
  5. I am spiritual
  6. I still embrace ritual
  7. I believe in angels
  8. My mom died when I was 30
  9. I was married 9 months later
  10. My Mom really liked the guy I married
  11. Fidelity is something I don't joke about
  12. I am exceedingly loyal to my family
  13. I am equally loyal to a few friends
  14. I make acquaintances easily, but not friends
  15. I am afraid of the dark
  16. I believe in UFOs
  17. I am afraid of monsters under the bed
  18. I believe in magic
  19. I believe in evil forces
  20. My deceased paternal grandparents once appeared to me in my bedroom
  21. They told me they were proud of me and that I was making the right career choice
  22. I am kind
  23. People always get a second chance with me
  24. Rarely do they get a third
  25. I can hold a grudge indefinitely
  26. I am a sucker for Hello Kitty
  27. I enjoy reading
  28. Sometimes I read to avoid dealing with issues
  29. I buy my daughter gifts that I enjoyed as a kid
  30. I worked in college sports for 8+ years
  31. I worked at Mrs. Fields Cookies when I was in college
  32. I didn't like chocolate chip cookies for nearly 15 years after working there
  33. I hated working in fundraising
  34. I loved working at Kinko's corporate office
  35. I worked for two years at a dotcom
  36. I was well compensated
  37. I was laid off
  38. I have a great appreciation for German engineering
  39. I drive a VW
  40. I have never wanted to be a teacher
  41. Job I would least like to have: airport shuttlebus driver
  42. Job I would like to have: midwife
  43. I receive all of my medical care from women
  44. I have a great appreciation for athletic ability
  45. If I could play any position on a football team well, I would be a tight end: you get to block and catch passes
  46. I puked almost every day of my pregnancy
  47. I never liked being pregnant
  48. I never glowed
  49. My daughter is my greatest accomplishment
  50. I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding
  51. I am still breastfeeding The Girl at 3+
  52. My husband has never tasted my breastmilk
  53. I can shoot breastmilk into my own mouth
  54. I am a terrible speller
  55. I am a grammar and usage nerd
  56. I am a great bullshitter
  57. I inherited that from my Dad
  58. I love that my daughter has my Mom's smile
  59. I have never been outside North America
  60. I am very strong willed
  61. I like to sleep with at least a sheet covering me
  62. I love to clean my ears with Q-Tips
  63. I am very brand loyal
  64. I spend $55 for a haircut every five weeks
  65. I feel guilty paying full price for almost anything
  66. I always think the worst will happen
  67. It rarely does
  68. I have never had a bikini wax, but would like to try
  69. I color my hair
  70. I started to go grey at 21
  71. The season I dislike the most is the fall
  72. I create Amazon wishlists just to keep track of stuff I should buy if I win the lottery
  73. I like to garden but am not especially good at it
  74. I enjoy swimming but am not very good at it
  75. I float well
  76. I wish I were more coordinated
  77. I think I am very creative
  78. I get sidetracked a lot
  79. I'm not sure if we will have another child
  80. I believe I am going to win the lottery
  81. I am hopelessly middle-class
  82. I don't ever want to move away from the beach
  83. If space travel were reasonably priced, I would go
  84. I grew up in the desert
  85. I have reverse anorexia - I see a thin person in the mirror
  86. I use food to make myself feel better
  87. It rarely works
  88. I don't have a lot of wrinkles for my age
  89. I still think of myself as 28 years old, despite the fact that was 12 years ago
  90. I am four years older than my husband
  91. I want to be cremated
  92. I don't want my ashes sprinkled anywhere
  93. I would like to be a lounge singer
  94. I am sassy
  95. I love big-band music but don't own any CDs of it
  96. My female role models when growing up: Carroll Burnett, Lindsey Wagner (The Bionic Woman), Mary Tyler-Moore
  97. My guilty TV pleasure is the Gilmore Girls
  98. I could live without salad, but not red meat
  99. I always said I didn't want to be my own boss
  100. I am starting my own business


V said...

HOLEY CRAP ... I dont think I could make a list like that - but damn you cuz now I want to see if I could.

It makes me feel special that I knew most of that... you are a WONDERFUL friend and Mom too!

Stephanie A. said...

Gilmore Girls is my guilty pleasure, too. I just finished 15 weeks of maternity leave and I started watching on ABCFamily then. Twice per day. Love it! Great list!