Thursday, July 28, 2005


I went to Costco with The Girl who will be TWO in JUST TWO DAYS. I know what you are thinking...I need an extra dose of Zoloft. But she sat in the cart - in the seat part not in the basket part where she invariably ends up banging her head while trying to do a [insert hip skateboarding term here] - the whole time! No bribery was used.

Then we went to party supply warehouse. You know the place, it's where Moms go to feel that if they don't get all the matching Hello Kitty paper goods they will be forever banishing their child to a life of mediocrity. Gregg - look away. NOW!! We left nearly $50 lighter, but with a free balloon. And lots of cute Hello Kitty stuff. But lets face it, paper plates just won't hold a Baja burrito, so had to get the coordinating green and pink plastic. Adorable, no?

And the whole time, the kid was mellow and happy and fun. Maybe seeing me sobbing with my head down on the tray of her highchair earlier in the week did the trick. That or the extra dose of Zoloft. Just kidding. About the extra Z.

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V said...

I wanna come to the fun party!!! Im so jealous...
I cant believe shes gonna be TWO - make her stop, its just not fair.
Please give her big kisses for me.

ps - Sobbing makes you puffy - that should be enough of a reason to not do it. (thats what I keep teliing myself anyway) - Miss you xoxox