Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Quit wasting your day away by reading crap on the internet. Go buy The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and read it now. If you can't swing the cash, go check it out at the library. An aside... I heart the library. And while reading the book, keep shouting to your spouse/significant other/dog, "This shit really happened! This shit isn't fiction! It's a motherfuckin' memoir!" Then get over yourself and quit thinking that your childhood was hard and your parents are/were insane. Cuz she's got the market cornered on crazy folks. And it's surprisingly funny in an odd, cardboard-box-for-a-mattress kind of way.

PS - In other news, The Girl is doing fine at preschool. I got a mani/pedi today, so obviously I am doing well with her at preschool too. Vegas countdown...two days, bitches.


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

I am intrigued to read the memoir of a person who corners the market on crazy folks... especially since I am positive that MINE are the craziest... we'll just see about that!

Where do you go for your mani/pedi?

Suebob said...

I will put it on my list.

Rose-colored asked the same question I was going to ask. We should go together since I am terrified of beauty processes.

VenturaMom said...

I don't have a regular nail salon. Today I went to the nail place in the Kohl's center on Telephone. Sometimes I go to Les-O-Nails in the mall but there are a couple guys that really suck at a simple polish change. Went to Michael-Kelly day spa a couple times but it wasn't worth it for a straight-up mani/pedi.
Oops, I forgot my friend Terri opened up a nails/facials/waxing salon. She is very funny and good. We can hire her for a Ventura county blogger mani/pedi party. Oh my gawd I am so smart after 1 a.m.

V said...

I dont think its right that you flant your Vegasness in our faces! You have any idea how Tunica measures up to Vegas - it FREAKIN doest!

Layers of Everything said...

I have found that Pro Nails on Main Street gives the best massage on your legs and has pretty good chairs.
I have not found one that is an all around outstanding place. When I was pregnant with Molly and could walk I visited as many as possible in search of the ultimate pedicure.
On another note, I think my kids will be writing the book about me soon.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Excellent idea, Mom. Let's make sure to watch the Seinfeld episode of Elaine's nail salon debacle as we're being treated ;o)