Saturday, September 02, 2006


Additional notes on Vegas...
  • Bally's is where old cocktail waitresses go to die. Saggy. Wrinkly.
  • The Wynn is my new favorite casino. Awfully pretty decor, fast drink service and the dealer said he would spank me for my Birthday.
  • Saw Steve Harvey and the Kings of Comedy eating dinner at the Bellagio coffee shop. Keeping it real with the common folk.
  • Mia, a dealer at the Hard Rock was one of the few that was not 25 and tiny. She says she makes up for it with sass and good tits.
  • If you say "You have kind eyes" to strangers, they usually leave you alone.
  • Mojitos are yummy. RedBull and vodka gives me heartburn. Malibu and diet Coke never does.
  • When drunk, even bad champagne tastes fine.
  • Really, people, if you aren't going to the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock for lunch after a hard night of drinking, you are missing out. And no it is not a nudie bar. It's a mexican food restaurant.
  • The Girl did so well with Nana & Grandpa that I will be heading back to Vegas next month for a boat race with the Hubby. He will cover the race, while I amass a fortune playing blackjack.

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