Friday, May 04, 2007


This is what The Girl's agenda looked like on Friday:

  • 6 am - wake up early (WTF? I usually sleep til 7:30! oh well!) and watch PBS while Daddy tries to snooze on the couch with me
  • 7 - wake Mama up again, this time using the patented Cock-a-doodle-do (CADD) Method; Daddy goes back to bed
  • 7:15 - annoy Mama by peeing in the shower (with Mama is in the shower too)
  • 7:45 - wake Daddy up again using the CADD Method
  • 8 - Cuddle up on couch wrapped in towels and comforter to watch more TV
  • 8:30 - start snoring on the couch when Mama tries to feed me breakfast
  • 9 - wake slowly and grudgingly as Mama tries to put tights and leotard on for tap class
  • 9:30 - Wolf down a pb&j on the way to Starbucks (sheesh! Mama HAS to have a chai) then decide I need to pee just as we are getting back into the car
  • 9:45 - tap my little heart out
  • 11 - begin full frontal assault on Mama's nerves while at Costco by trying to touch everything and refusing to stay seated in cart (despite bribe of gum)
  • 11:45 - back at home completely undress in order to go potty; get body wedged in toilet, butt in the water; drop tiara in toilet as I am helped out of predicament by Mama; gleefully climb into the bathtub for second bath of the day
  • 12-12:45 pm - ignore hearty lunch, ignore new chalk for blackboard and continue to annoy Mama during her computer time
  • 12:50 - ask to draw with chalk on front porch but actually run away to neighbor's house
  • 12:52 - grudgingly return home when nosy neighbor thinks I shouldn't be outside alone
  • 12:53 - Mama is mortified! Hahahahahahaha!
  • 1:30 - wear Mama down so she agrees to take me swimming with friend
  • 2-3 - as I get into the pool, say "The water is frickin' warm!" in front of friend and parent of friend; get out and pee on the grass behind planter at the pool (cuz I can't just pee in the pool like the rest of the frickin' kids); jump back in; swim; swim; swim; unknowingly splash Mama a lot; continue splashing after Mama points it out and asks me to stop; swim really well; jump in to Mama more
  • 3-3:30 - get out, get dressed, have snacks, head for home
  • 3:45 - look at fish store before going to Von's; writhe on floor after viewing all fish and anemones, dirtying pants a little
  • 4 - continue Operation Aggravation in the brief 5-minute trip to Von's by first laying in the basket of the cart, then repeatedly squirming, completely dirtying my THIRD outfit of the day in the process.
  • 4:30-5 - blah blah OpAg still going strong; play in backyard; chase cats around the yard; plead several times to be liberated from toy-filled backyard to unsafe & unmonitored front yard; say please; find only muddy spot in yard and squish it between toes; wipe most off outside, but attempt to "wash" feet in toilet; make mess; yell for help from mom; enjoy third bath (not counting swimming pool); eat apple & juice in the tub!
  • 5:30 - Mama said I can't get out of bathtub until Daddy is home.
  • 5:32 - Get out of bathtub without telling Mama. Oops, Dad's not home yet. Play in room with blocks and other fun stuff completely naked and wet because Mama says she's too crabby to deal with me.
  • 6 - Daddy's home! Greet him as long lost hero.
  • 6:02 - Begin Operation Aggravation on Daddy.
  • 6:10 - Walk with parents to dinner up the street; dawdle; lose one fuchsia croc in middle of crosswalk as 10 cars wait; get indignant; drive Daddy over the edge while Mama walks ahead acting as if she doesn't know us; cry
  • 6:30 - eat; talk loud; try to escape under table (BTW did you know there is gum under there?); put shoes on table; put feet on table; attempt to lay on table
  • 7-8 - back at home try to stay away from Mommy and play only with Daddy, per Daddy's stern directions; follow Mama from room to room asking for stuff and telling her stories
  • 8:30 - attempt to draw out bedtime by asking to read one million books; agree to three books
  • 8:45 - lights out; tell Mama I'm not tired and run to Daddy; eat yogurt
  • 9 - plead for teeeeeeveeeeeeee; get put back in bed; continue to anger Mama by saying "I'm not tired" despite red, droopy eyes and multiple yawns
  • 9:02 - Uh oh, Mama called Daddy in for backup. Grudgingly go to sleep with mean Daddy while mean Mama does laundry.
  • 9:05 - dream of ways I can perfect the CAAD Method and continue OpAg on both parents. Look sweet while sleeping.

So to recap: three baths, innumerable outfits, a tiara in the toilet, a stuck kid in toilet, feet in toilet, swimming, tap dance, eating, playing, making me crazy. Today was a bad one. Naps must be worked back into the rotation. Maybe tomorrow will be better. On the bright side, no one died.

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PabloVTA said...

Joanna?!! DID you see this?

Cripes...this is guna be crazy.
I was tired just reading that .

you get mommy of the year, hands down.