Friday, May 04, 2007


I rarely buy shoes. The last two pair of shoes I bought were Crocs - black maryjanes last year and regular black Crocs at Christmas '05. Dude. But for some unknown reason in the past three weeks I have purchased three new pairs of shoes, all with peep toes and none of them made by Crocs. Red slingback flats with white piping & button detail from Urban Outfitters, black & white peep-toe sneakers by BC Footwear, and peep-toe flats in ZEBRA off Ebay! Damn, I really am crazy.

Then I lost my mind completely and bought jewelry. A sassy bracelet & earrings at Macy's and two pair of cheapy sorta-50s/sorta-80s retro plastic-y earrings at one of those tween shops at the mall. I know - crazy fucking lunatic is what I said too! And I think I'm gonna go to Forever 21 to go check out some rings and maybe another pair of under $5 earrings. I am teetering on the brink.

I really think my subconscious is driving this whole crazy buying spree because I'm going to Vegas in three short weeks. Nothing says Vegas like a new pair of zebra peep-toe flats and large cheap earrings (to match the very large hair I get in the desert).

Gawd almighty I need this trip. I need these shoes & earring. Maybe Vegas, Vonnie and zebra peep toes will save me from the daily insanity of a preschooler who naps irregularly and knows how to punch each and every one of my buttons. Peep toes to the rescue.

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