Sunday, June 17, 2007


I saw the Go-Go's in concert August 28, 1982, the day after my 16th birthday. I wore a white tuxedo shirt with a pink & black stripped satin cummerbund. Man, we were cool in the 80s, weren't we?

But I digress. We are finally planning a family vacation. The last vacation we went on together was to San Francisco in the fall of 2003 to see friends, introduce The Girl (then 3 months), and go to the Bridge School benefit concert. It's time once again for The Hubby to take more than one day off at a time since he is at his maximum vacation accrual. While The Girl has gone on lots of mini-trips because of The Hubby's work (Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco), I think she's ready for a week-long trip. I know I am.

We are going to start in Monterey and head to the aquarium the next morning. We'll stay for dinner and then drive to the Bay Area for a two- or three-night stay. We'll be able to take her to The City to see the sites and eat ice cream at Ghirardelli. We'll see our friends in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley and maybe take her to Cal and show her where I used to work.

Then we'll take a drive to Lake Tahoe. The Hubby has loads of points at the Hyatt so we're staying here for four nights free. I can't wait to do dorky family stuff in Tahoe like swim at the resort, take a hike, a sunset cruise (The Hubby & I did that in '96), rent a boat, eat ice cream every night. Tips on what to do with a kid in Tahoe are welcome.

Of course now I have to dream about it until August, but still...having this on the horizon is helping me get through the summer now that preschool is out. With a pending vacation, the beach and crafts, I will survive. FYI- Crafts are important to nearly-4-year-olds. But maybe I'll need some Malibu & Diet Coke, too. And the Go-Go's.

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