Saturday, July 07, 2007


It's summer. There is no preschool. That means I am The Girl's cruise director 24/7. No time to blog. Here's a recap of the last couple weeks:
  • My dad visited with his dog
  • The Hubby crashed a watercraft (think jet ski) but is fine other than the $600 bill to tow it from the surf/sand back to the trailer
  • The Hubby got a rockin' Toyota Tundra on a 1-year lease at his magazine. It's HUGE.
  • My bro & sis-in-law surprised us last weekend with a visit.
  • I made $90 at our yard sale
  • V has been visiting for a week + and we've had fun doing nothing fancy, just eating, playing, chatting
  • The Girl was in the Pushem Pullem Parade for the fourth consecutive year (see pics on Flickr)
  • The Girl's tap dance class will be performing at the Ventura County Fair next month
  • Her 4th Birthday is coming up soon - invitations go out this week!
  • The Girl got two bee stings in one week
  • Other highlights include crafts, the beach and parks.

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