Sunday, May 20, 2007


We went to Disneyland last week with the in-laws. I've posted some of the pictures on flickr. I'll recap soon enough, including a story of how NOT to traumatize your child (duh, maybe don't take her on Pirates of the Caribbean?!?!). We are bad parents.

Since the original "witch" encounter with The Girl last month, I have seen the witch lady three more times around town (sans hat). I just don't have the heart/balls to make eye contact or say hello. I also don't have the balls to take another look at her feet to see if she has taken care of those nasty toenails.

The Girl has said frickin' a couple more times. Since I didn't have a chance to freak out
the first time, after the most recent incident I said, "That is a bad word. You aren't supposed to say it." And she asks, "Which word? Frickin? That's a bad word? Huh." She also said, "Holy crap!" the other day. Yep, that's my doing as well. At least I know she listens to me sometimes.

The Girl's preschool is over for the semester. She starts a four-week summer session this week but after that...dun, dun,'s all me, all the time until mid August. Oh how I love late August. Luckily I can toss in some swimming lessons and another round of tap dance classes to give me a chance to lounge about for 45 minutes a couple times a week.

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