Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy V Day. No not Valentine's Day. Today is Vegas day, baby! I'm heading to my happiest place on earth for a trade show. Hopefully I will be able to find a sewing contractor for these damn shoes that I keep thinking are going to launch my career as a wildly successful business woman. In addition to the show on Thurs., I plan on getting quite drunk and gambling and eating and sleeping in a king-sized bed all by myself. Heaven. F'n A!

The Hubby left for the Miami boat show this a.m. and I will head up to the in-laws today to drop The Kid with them. I'm flying out of Santa Maria (yes they have an airport) direct to Vegas for $101 total. Plus I have a free room at Paris. Plus I have $50 "free" money to eat with from our friends at Paris. Ka-ching, more money to gamble with.

This is quite possibly the best Valentine's Day EVER!


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

... and gambling means free Malibu rum drinks!! Yipee for you ;o)

Monkey loves Kitten said...

That does sound fairly awesome. Hope your shoes find their solemate.