Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Hubby is out of town for a week. My in-laws are in Hawaii, on the Big Island, and the epicenter of today's big quake was just off the coast of where they are staying. I didn't have the TV on (except for Nemo & Curious George DVDs) so I didn't know about the quake until I checked the news online. I tried to call them on their cell, but it went straight to voice mail. They never leave it on. Doh! Left two messages to call and check in. Then I tried to call their hotel about a frickin' bajillion times but the circuits were jammed or out or something. Finally I called my brother-in-law to see if he had been in touch. He said they left a message earlier that they were fine. Whew. Then MIL's brother called from Georgia semi-panicked. I assured him they were fine and then we concurred that they are idiots for never leaving their cell phone on. The Hubby called as soon as he checked into his hotel. He was watching CNN, which always has horrific shaky video from tourists. He also cursed their aversion to their cell in the "on" mode. Finally got a call at 7:30 pm. They were on the 3rd floor of the hotel when it hit and had to walk downstairs to the parking lot in jammies. All of the guests from California were betting on the magnitude, while the rest were just stunned. After they received the all-clear to go back to their rooms, they ate a "lovely cold brunch," followed by a sight-seeing trip to nearby Kona. I resisted the urge to shriek, "We were worried, you nincompoops!" Instead I told them to call her bro in Georgia and I would take care of updating Hubby. Frickin' dorks.

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