Sunday, October 15, 2006


SueBob, stop reading now. This is a potty-related post.

So The Girl has been doing unbelievably well going on the toilet. I didn't really do anything different, she just decided it was time. She wore a pull-up to school Mon.-Wed. but would either go commando at home or wear undies, and a diaper at night. Six days. Six days of near perfection (one accident during naptime), then poof, it's gone. The will to poop and pee on the potty have left the building (or at least The Girl). First it was pee in the pants at the park. (BTW - what is the etiquette of a pee puddle in the sand at a public park. I just left it.) Then she did it again at home in her room while playing. "No problem, honey. Let's just get you changed and cleaned up. Accidents happen. No big deal. Don't worry," I repeated for the second time today. She also had a near-miss on the couch about 10 minutes later. But the coup de grĂ¢ce was just around the corner. "Mom, what am I wearing?" she asked. I knew it was a done deal then. "Panties," I answered and quickly added with a smile, "Let's go potty on the toilet right now!" Of course she said she didn't have to. Then she walked out the front door and hid next to our neighbor's garage with a dooce in her pants. I followed her and did the whole, "No problem, honey" diatribe again as we went to change into her fourth outfit of the day.

Note to self: When one parent goes on a week-long business trip, all bets are off. Go back to basic survival skills and full-on diapers. AND! I am out of wine. Frick.

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