Thursday, August 03, 2006


SWIM LESSONS DAY 2: I took pictures because I figured if I hid behind my camera, I wouldn't feel the crushing weight of mother guilt (misguided guilt, I know). Didn't work.

DAY 3: Yesterday morning The Girl told me she was "nervous" about her swim lessons. Heart breaking. But I put on my "everything is fine face" and packed her into the car.

DAY 4: There were no tears on day four and the number of times she asked "Is it time to get out?" lessened from double digits to four. She told her daddy and the neighbors that she is not going back (wisely avoiding saying this to me) but hasn't asked to stay home, yet. So in the meantime, I just tell myself this is not scary, it's the basis for a safe, strong swimmer. Who would have thought swimming lessons for The Girl would have turned me into a basketcase?

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