Monday, July 31, 2006


The past three days have been an alternating mix of fun/hectic/emotionally draining. The Girl turned three yesterday. That was not emotionally draining. Her birthday was fun with a splash of hectic. And a visit with a dear pal was definitely fun. So, we'll just save the emotional swimming (not a metaphor) for later.

The festivities started with a cupcake feast at the park on Friday for The Girl and her little pals from our moms group. There were Curious George party hats, frosting-covered faces and kazoos for everyone! Woo hoo!

Saturday was major yardwork including bush whacking, grass mowing and tree trimming (and none of it in a good Vegas kind of way). Throw in a touch of housework and a nearly-three-year-old and I nearly died of heatstroke/humidity overload (again, I see you rolling your eyes in FL & TN!!!). But it got better with a visit from our friend Gerri-Lynn. I was miraculously saved by a yummy dinner out at Zoey's, catching up on each others' lives and families with Gerri, and an iced chai from the Bucks.

Sunday's Birthday extravaganza-lite (now with 10 fewer screaming kids at my house!!!) started with a cupcake brunch followed by lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's for The Girl, her pal Sean, his mom Melissa & baby Kelley, and the in-laws. The hubby was in charge of tokens and keeping an eye on the kids. My job was keeping the in-laws from pistol whipping the singing rat and the unruly, unwashed children. Crisis averted. Total time for auditory assaulting fun & pizza = one hour.

Then the presents were opened and opened and opened. And there was a lengthy interlude for present assembly (by me) and napping (by hubby) and cartoons (The Girl). Then more food with the in-laws and cake. Followed by a sleeping Birthday Girl at 8:30. Miracles never cease.

One of her presents was swimming lessons from us & the in-laws. And how fun is it that the lessons started today, just one day after receiving the exciting news and two new bathing suits!!! My gawd we could hardly contain ourselves. Until she got into the water. Without me. And struggled not to cry. And then the teacher took her underwater. Oh the tears. From me. Then her. But! She finished the full hour. Luckily I left the camera at home, because I just could not bear to look at a picture of her sitting on the steps, elbow on the pool deck, leaning her forehead on her hand, struggling to hold back tears. Heart breaking. I must wash that memory away with rum and start anew since we will be back at the pool tomorrow for round two. Hold me.

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