Wednesday, May 17, 2006


On Mother's Day and continuing through today, The Girl keeps saying, "Happy Smothers Day." I'm not sure if she is a fan of the Smothers Brothers or just wants to put a pillow over my face.

She now calls mints "governmints," as in "Can I have a governmint?" or "Is this governmint gum?"

I thought she said something quite awful yesterday - sounded something like jeebus cripes. When I asked her to repeat herself, she answered, "Geez, Grace." Um, ya, that would be what I say about a hundred times a day when I am exasperated.

Remember the bee incident a couple weeks ago? The Girl watched from a window as the hubby attempted to spray water on a newly forming hive on the front porch. And then out it came..."Frickin' bees." She said it so perfectly, too. The phrase has now morphed into "frickin' beasts."

Drive safe and don't forget to tip your server. She'll be here all week.


V said...

Im so glad you blog... I cant imagine missing all this stuff comepletely - I pretend I was right there cuz I can perfectly see in my head the whole thing go down.

Missing you guys! V

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Gotta record this stuff!

H.A.Page said...

You should be very glad you are bloggin the language and her comments. Those are not only wonderful and precious to share, but you can have them all written down and can blook them later. governmints. Smothersday. LOL.

Cheers from a newbie blogger...