Saturday, April 29, 2006


Bees are taking up residence in the wall surrounding our front walk. The hubby tried to water blast them, then patched up the secret bat-cave/beehive entrance with spackle. Didn't work. The little boogers burrowed through the spackle and also tunneled out through another hole. So I sprayed them with some nasty toxic Raid stuff and we now have 100+ bees in various stages of death. Guess I'll need to clean that mess up before hubby & The Girl come back from the zoo. I am expecting honey to start oozing out of the wall at any moment. In a really odd (or is it?!) coincidence, I thought I heard bees buzzing in the house earlier in the week when I was putting The Girl to sleep in her room. I stayed still in the bed and breathed shallow breaths to try and hear them like the girl in The Secret Life of Bees. But no luck. Maybe I wasn't crazy.

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