Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Oh, George. You are sending National Guard troops to do the job of the Border Patrol. This is pretty stupid, don't you think. Well, obviously you don't, but me...well, I think it's ridiculous. National Guard troops who have already spent several tours in Iraq are now being sent on another assignment they were not properly trained for. Do you in fact have a plan for the National Guard to follow? I didn't think so.

I agree border security is important. Nobody wants terrorists to come into our country along the thousands of miles of border along Mexico, Canada or off our coasts. That's why we have the Border Patrol. For the past six+ years you wouldn't listen to them and refused to increase their budget for more staff. And now, because your approval numbers and that of the whole fucking Republican party are in the shitter, you decide there is an immediate need to increase border security. Grrrr. You sir are a fool.

Get a plan, buddy. Because the guy who mows the neighbor's yard, the folks who are picking strawberries in nearby Oxnard, and lemons in Ventura aren't the problem. Get a plan to let them come work in the country legally. The guest-worker program DOES NOT WORK!!! It takes too much time and is bogged down in bureaucracy. And if folks are already working and living here illegally, get a plan to allow them to stay. Because NOBODY ELSE will to do those jobs. I don't want produce prices to start heading the way of gas prices! How about all the construction workers, skilled laborers, etc. What is that going to do the economy when they stop showing up for the work that needs to be done? Huh? More bad news.

Get a plan, get a clue, or get out of our way.

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Monkey loves Kitten said...

Reforms do need to be made. Workers need to stop being exploited which involves being paid a living wage which will raise produce prices. I'll gladly pay more for veggies if it means people aren't living 12 to a shack in unsanitary conditions.