Monday, May 15, 2006


DUDE! Here is the trailer for the new Miami Vice movie. I loved the TV version of Miami Vice. Sonny Crocket rocked my world. Lots of neon and go-fast boats and THE MUSIC! My gawd how I loved that show. So how freakin happy was I when I heard there is a huge summer blockbuster Miami Vice movie coming to a theater near you? Chills, baby, chills right down my spine (cue Phil Collins music). Will there be T-shirts under suit jackets with rolled-up sleeves, pastels, Raybans, loafers without socks? I don't think so, since the movie is not set in the 80s and is darker than the TV version. But still it is Miami, boats, drugs, guns, and loads of cool. Jamie Foxx (Academy Award winner, people!) stars as Rico Tubbs and Colin Ferrell plays Crocket. While I normally think Colin neads to shave, shower (shampooing his hair at least twice!), sober up and quit filming himself banging skanky girls, I guess I will look past that because of the genius that is Michael Mann.

And the best part? The hubby got to interview Mann for the magazine! There are lots of powerboats and racing and manly stuff in the movie and that fits perfectly into the hubby's mag. And loads of boating industry guys worked on the film and supplied boats. I will link to the article when it is published.

So in the meantime, I will just pray that hubby is invited to a premier so I can see Michael Mann's big-screen version of my favorite guilty pleasure of the 80s. And cue Jan Hammer music.

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