Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I have been holding smallish people. The kind that fit in the crook of your neck. The kind who immediately fall asleep when you do the hip-sway things moms do. And lo, my ovaries, they do ache. I want another baby. Three moms in my mom's group had their second in the last 3 months, and our friends Melissa and Rick just had their second boy. Mmmmm...fresh baby. It's like walking by a bakery and getting the overwhelming need for a fresh croissant. Sure, babies are a little more work than say wolfing down baked goods, but c'mon. FRESH. BABIES.

PS - I don't plan on getting knocked up till after my 40th at the end of August, so looks like I better get used to the pain for a couple months. Maybe I can fill the void with croissants.


jennster said...

omgosh- i was just posting about this.. i want one too, but GOOD LORD WHY?!?! lol

V said...

I didnt know about the new baby! And they let you hold it - they must be getting soft.

Croissant away - seeing as how we are getting totally drunky at the wedding in July!


Becky said...

i too am aching for another baby. my daughters 3 and we're waiting til september to start trying and its KILLING me too. a few more months, a few more months

sweatpantsmom said...

I feel that 'ache' too, and immediately start whining to my husband about wanting a third.

So his solution? Whenever there is a newborn around, he announces, "Keep that thing away from my wife!"

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

I think it'd be pretty cool if July 22 was be the WOC... aka, weekend of conception ;o)