Thursday, May 04, 2006


I was tagged by Imperfect Mommy.

I AM: more than a wife and mother. But I don't know how to word that on a business card.
I WANT: another baby.
I WISH: I could buy all the women in the world a drink - a tall glass of self-esteem with a chaser of laughter. And a Malibu & Diet Coke.

I HATE: fennel seeds and war.
I MISS: my Mom.
I HEAR: the buzz of the fridge (The Girl is asleep) and the cat coughing.
I WONDER: if any old boyfriends ever think of me.
I REGRET: not sleeping with a couple of them.
I AM NOT: happy with George W. Bush or any of his cabinet members.
I DANCE: when I get drunk or when The Girl demands we dance.
I CRY: often, usually when watching TV (Dude, ER and Grey's Anatomy are sad sometimes!)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: motivated to make dinner.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: killer pumpkin spice bread.
I WRITE: because I need a creative outlet other than Play-Doh.
I CONFUSE: the hell out of my in-laws.
I NEED: more money, more time and a housekeeper.
I SHOULD: exercise. I don't think my belly is going to get smaller or firmer on its own.
I START: things.
I FINISH: not as many things (as my husband is quick to point out).
I TAG: Brooke at Odious Woman and V at Ponytail Pressure. Enjoy!

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