Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is the story of how Easter morning was a sweet time, followed by a nap, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt, followed by another nap.

The Girl left the Easter Bunny carrots, two Girl Scout Thin Mints and milk last night. We woke to find he (or she, according to The Girl) had left some crumbs and half eaten carrots and a note of thanks. We grabbed her basket, thoughtfully left on the dining room table so as not to wake a sleeping child, and dug through the loot in our bed. I kept reminding The Girl there were actual presents in the basket along with the few pieces of candy. She really is my child - candy, candy, candy. Bunny slippers, bubbles, stickers, sunglasses and a jump rope were all prominently featured in the basket. But she couldn't get over the fact there were 20 jelly beans, four tootsie rolls, four golden chocolate coins and a couple Reeces minis. Way more loot than candy, but she was all about the candy. Then we went to Pete's for blueberry pancakes and we followed up with a breakfast-induced nap.

We waited till early afternoon for the Easter Egg Hunt. I had the video camera and digital camera all ready and deftly switched back and forth to capture the lovely moments. And then...she just wanted to play with or eat whatever was in each egg. Hello! It's much more efficient to gather them all first, then open the eggs, then prioritize the fun & food. That is when I realized I was wanting this to be my Virgo-esqe version of an Easter egg hunt, but it was not to be. The Girl was fascinated by each egg, wondering what was in it, taking time to shake it, etc. It was very sweet until it became UNBEARABLY ANNOYING! The hubby and I took the opportunity to start kicking the eggs out of the hiding spots and dropping them in her basket. Loving, caring parents, no?

Then the hubby took her to fly a kite at the beach and I took another nap. Happy Easter to all and to all a good nap.

PS - Please note in the photo that daddy is picking up cat poop on the lawn while The Girl is hunting for eggs. FOCUS, man. Gah!

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V said...

Sounds like a perfect day - I on the other hand got to deal with all the people that found the devil while they were at church and made sure to come share their evil sprits with me. HAPPY EASTER MFing Churchies!!!