Monday, April 17, 2006


The Hubby decided that Saturday was the perfect day to clean out the garage. I don't know why, but when he gets one of his wild hairs, it's just best to go along with it. He forced me to paw through four boxes of books that had been there since we moved in nearly seven years ago. Before they were in the garage, they were in our storage area at our old apartment. There were lots of textbooks belonging to both of us - journalism, PR, women's studies, art, literature - and some run-of-the-mill fiction and anthologies I had collected over the years. Almost all went to Goodwill.

But the best part was finding a small file case full of random crap. I found letters from an old high school crush asking for forgiveness (for what I wonder?). There were silly notes from my best friend Teresa, all with little illustrations, several of Gumby. There were a couple journals that I did not dare open because I would have been mortified by my poor judgment and preoccupation with marrying a rich guy. There were several file folders filled with random Dodger stuff - clippings from the newspaper, pictures, magazine articles, box scores that I meticulously kept while listening on the radio. And my personal favorite, my sketch of Steve Sax that I did for my high school art class. Oh dear gawd, I was such a dork.

A wonderful surprise came from a Pee-Chee folder (remember those?).
It was stuffed with cards and letters my mom sent me when I was in college. She sent notes all the time and I was somehow wise enough to save them. They were usually filled with chit chat about the weather and news of haircuts or family or errands to be run. It was wonderful to see her handwriting though. I miss her so much and I know she would just eat The Girl up with a spoon.

On a couple of the cards I pulled out, my dad had added a short note (no doubt at the insistence of my mother). The best one said:
Dear Dingey-
I bowled real well last night and played 27 holes of golf today. The store is doing good and we are all busy as hell.

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