Saturday, April 15, 2006


Nothing makes you appreciate a nice Malibu & Coke more than pink eye. Yup. The Girl has the eye goop. Highly contagious eye goop. And it requires drops in both eyes four (YES FOUR!!!) times a day for seven days. The hubby must restrain her and I pry the eyes open. Good fun. Really, a swell time. Fuckity fuck fuck. Gotta go wash my hands for the eleventy-millionth time.


Stefanie said...

I didn't really get that last commentor but...I just wanted to say that Pinot Grigio is my Malibu Rum. The pain go bye bye juice of choice in my household and it has gotten me through many evenings after particulary harsh 17 month old baby days. Luckily no one's ever out of Pinot.

VenturaMom said...

The first comment was spam. Or someone just went off their meds for the first time. Either way...I said "be gone" and poof, it was gone.