Monday, April 10, 2006


Fifth and final post of the day ( I hope). Sponsored by Malibu Rum. Not really, but I sort of smell like it now. I love Spring break! Woo hoo!

Since you are my only hope of hanging on the last shred of sanity until the hubby's work deadline is over, I give you the burning question I just asked The Girl...

Who would you rather have raise you from now on: wolves or monkeys?

Without hesitation she decided wolves. Personally I am partial to monkeys, but whatever floats her boat I guess.

Mommy has been drinking. There wasn't enough Malibu left to get shitfaced, so now I'm just silly and kinda sleepy. And there is a really sad, empty, lonely bottle in the recycling bin. But damn, I got this mothering thing nailed now!

PS - Costco better not be out of Malibu tomorrow, or I will go all Kiefer koo-koo on their asses.

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