Sunday, April 24, 2005


We had a small yard sale on Saturday, along with a couple of our neighbors. I was just trying to clear out a couple odds and ends, nothing major. I had some of The Girl's clothes, a couple books, some nice serving bowls, an old Sony Playstation, a Basia CD, a lawnmower that works, etc. But you know what the first item to be sold was? A blow-up pink flamingo that is a floating beverage holder for the swimming pool. Yes folks, the 25-cent flamingo was the winner. Not the cute $2 wrought iron shepherd hooks for the garden, not the $2 wireless mouse in perfect condition...the flamingo. I was actually relieved since I had to pry it away from The Girl the previous night. She was carrying it around saying, "stinky mingos." Luckily she was still sleeping when the transaction occurred so she'll be none the wiser. I made about $70 on the day and promptly spent it on cute black slides and a white zip-up jacket for summer.

'mingos over and out

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