Monday, April 04, 2005


I love it when Grace learns something silly. We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo last week and had a lovely time. As we were winding our way from the elephants to the lemurs, we had to pass the flamingos. They are stinky birds or maybe it's their poop, but something in the flamingo area is always nasty smelling. Now please note: I talk constantly to Grace, whether she is listening or not, whether it is interesting or not, whether it is educational or not. I am a talker (got it from my dad who reads the paper out loud as well as billboards). So we pass by the awful smelly flamingos and I say, "Whew, that is stiiiiiiiinky." Of course the Girl mimics and says stiiiiinky with a smooshed-up face. Tee hee hee.

After lunch we were leaving the zoo and quickly passed by the offending birds on the way to the exit and she loudly says, "Ewwww, stiiiinky!" Later, she was taking off her shoes and socks, when she again proclaimed, "Stiiinky!" with the smooshed face thing, even though they are not stinky. Oh, funny girl.

I take great pride in silly.

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