Thursday, April 07, 2005


Kirstie Alley plays herself in the new hit show Fat Actress on Showtime. I will be playing myself in my new series, Fat Mommy.

I joined Weight Watchers (WW) today on my way to lunch at Baja Fresh. Of course I delayed the meeting until tomorrow morning (Mommy & Me session so I can bring the Girl). Then I ate a big freakin' Baja burrito with chicken covered in enchilada sauce. And chips. But I did have a calorie-free iced tea.

Kirstie Alley is fat and famous. I am fat and not famous. Kirstie Alley has great hair and wears bad clothes. I have great hair and wear boring clothes (except for my rockin' new kix - Nike Air Rift). Kirstie Alley is very funny and hasn't been working until recently. I am very funny and have been working in this unpaid internship that we call motherhood.

I will keep you updated on things I wanted to eat but didn't.

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