Saturday, April 09, 2005


Grace knows where her armpit is and calls it "pit."

She has mastered naming and correctly pointing to nearly every body part including, unfortunately, the cat's butt. When a cat is standing and eating in the kitchen, the Girl will cruise on by and point dangerously close to the cat's pooper, and say "the poop."

I have had a headache for two days and I am convinced that it is sugar withdrawal. It's like I need a fix. Just a taste, man. I used to eat lots of sugar. Now, not so much. I need some glucose or sucrose or corn syrup or cane sugar or sumthin'.

So far WW is annoying me because I have to figure out what the point value of everything is. I went around with a Sharpie and wrote point values on all the pantry items. Gregg may find this a bit annoying. I think I need a food scale, too. I used to have one but chucked it when I decided to be fat for life. Um, I changed my mind.

The Girl barfed on Fri. - all over me, all over herself, all over the floor in the bedroom. Then barfed again that night, this time into Daddy's hands. Poor little pumpkin was just feeling crappy. On Sat. she was still a bit listless, ate sparingly and drank Pedilyte. Then around 6 p.m. hunger took over. She chowed down on chicken, carrots and cheese. Nothing like protein and milk products to test out your touchy stomach! Luckily it all stayed down.

Odds & ends, over & out...

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