Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The Girl is teething her final tooth (not counting molars) and IT.IS.A.BITCH!! She is cranky, a bit agitated, and actually tried gnawing on a giant plastic Easter egg (I have a photo to prove it, but haven't figured out how to post). I don't want to give her Motrin because that's what started the diarrhea that led to BUDR, which morphed in SSDDR. BTW it is now six smaller dots and mostly pain free. So instead of Motrin (huh, I typed morphine and then corrected it...Freudian? Gaaa!) I am just letting her nurse when she wants and giving her ice water in her sipper and other cold stuff. So today DH says, "Geez, is she just hanging on you boob not doing anything?" Pulled boob out to show him chomper marks...he shut up. I am also letting her twiddle which drives me insane. For those who don't know the joys of twiddling, she will nurse on one side and twiddle the other nipple to relax. I just go into a trance-like state far, far away and it is OK.

I am laying down the law, however, when this GD tooth is finally cut... NO.MORE.TWIDDLING. She has been weaned of the twiddling before. Took two nights, and a few tears, but worked. I just tell her that she only needs one of mommies boobies at a time and then I hold her other hand. Please God, hurry up and get this frickin tooth out. Then I will stop breastfeeding during the day, except for naptime if needed. So if I get her down to three bf-ings a day in April, cut out naptime nursing in May, bedtime nursing in June, I could conceivably have her weaned by the end of July, her second birthday. Please, oh please. I want my personal space back. Then of course we have to think about #2 and I don't mean poop. The whole damn thing is a never ending cycle that is 1)perpetuating the species, 2) driving near normal women over the edge.

Whew...and of course hubby just returned home with the Girl. Gotta go be happy, loving and attentive.

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