Saturday, April 16, 2005


My friend Gerri-Lynn called on Thurs. afternoon to tell me that they are moving to Orlando so Brett can go back to school full-time to get his masters. Oh no! Yet another of my friends moving away. Not to mention the Girl's best buddy Maddie. Sad face, sad face.

On the bright side - kaching - Gregg will be the new executive editor at the magazine. Happy face, happy face.

To put a happy face on the Orlando issue, now we can plan a trip to Disney World. And we can bunk with the Beckers.

On an even brighter note, Gregg said we should re-hire the housekeeper as soon as the raise goes into effect. Trying to make up for the previous late nights at work? Of course. Will I still accept the offer? YOU BET!

Sad and happy at the same time...


Carmi said...

Funny how life works that way sometimes. I like how you've chosen to focus on the positive aspects of your friend moving away. Nicely put.

Congrats to Gregg on his promotion. What magazine?

VenturaMom said...

So as not to get the hubby Dooced, it is a performance boating magazine based in Ventura, CA. Google it ;-)