Thursday, April 21, 2005


I try not to be one of those horrible mommies that always tout their kid's intelligence, but WTF, here goes. I swear Grace's verbal skills are well above average. She knows all of her body parts including armpit (I know I mentioned it before but hey, it's funny), noggin, chin and bottom. She has also mastered all of the Teletubbies names and accessories (ie: Tinky Winky's bag) and all of the characters on The Koala Brothers. She knows window, grapes and mango. She says "by myself" when she wants to walk down the steps unassisted, and "I'll do it" or "I'll get it".

Of course her Nana taught her to say, "Damn kid," when referring to the little boy who broke her crayons into tiny pieces. Can't win them all.

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