Monday, January 10, 2005


Bear with me, I'm having a pity party. It has rained so freakin' much the last two weeks that I am going stir crazy. Poor Grace hasn't been to the park. The yard is a big giant puddle. I hate to even take her to the mall because we get soaked just getting in the car. OK, I know that umbrellas can help the situation, but just let me bitch. I live at the beach - it's supposed to be 72 and sunny. It's 60 and pouring (OK AGAIN, it's a "pineapple express" storm so it's not that cold, but damn it's wet).

And to top it off Gregg has decided to become one of those people who is freakishly obsessed with "storm watch" coverage on TV and online. He checks the Watershed Protection District website every couple hours. He and our neighbor even went to look at the swollen river. OMG, I married a weather nerd.

I NEED SUNSHINE... but even partly-cloudy skies would do.

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