Monday, January 10, 2005


My friend Vonnie moved to Memphis and I am so sad. She is such a big part of my life. We laugh at/with each other. We snark/bitch/gossip about everyone. She helps when I'm overwhelmed being a mommy and I help her right back with some random thing that is fixed with a hug. I'm blue.

The worst was when she said that Grace wouldn't remember her. And she's right. Sure there's email and pictures and phone calls, but Grace won't remember that Vonnie was the one that would hold her when she was a week old so mommy could get a nap. She won't remember that Vonnie would kiss and tickle and cuddle her and that she would laugh with pure delight. As she drove away Friday, Grace & I waved from the front window and a sob actually escaped out of my throat. I haven't had that strong of an emotion since the baby was born. I'm so sad for me, but really thrilled for V. What a great opportunity - a new place to start a career, find happiness, eat at new restaurants.

Happy trails to V - may you have a safe trip, a pleasant arrival and a wonderful new place to call home. Of course you can always come back and live in Grace's room if you want to (yes, she's still sleeping with us). I love you... squish

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