Wednesday, January 05, 2005


It finally happened...Grace is walking. She became an official toddler (as in, "she toddles around all day pulling her dog toy") on Jan. 4 at halftime of the Orange Bowl (btw - nice job Pete Carroll). In just 17 months, five days and two hours my little baby learned to walk by herself.

Of course she's been walking around holding on to my finger or pant leg for several months so it's not like she just stood up and did it one day. But still...a big deal for mommy, errr, um, I mean baby. She scooted at 12 months and crawled at 13 months. And yes, I am ashamed to say, I did look at the other younger kids who were ahead of her on the walking calendar and think that she should be walking too. But ultimately, she waited till she was an expert before letting go and taking off solo. Hmmm...I remember a gal who didn't like to show anyone drafts of her writing. She liked to wait till it was edited, rewritten, perfect... Do you think she got that crap from me? I always blamed it on being a Virgo. But she's a Leo!?!

Anywho...hooray for Grace and her sure-footedness!

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Monkey loves Kitten said...

Sorry, Leos never wait until they get it right, must be genetic.

Wink Wink,
Leo Monkey