Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Today would have been my Mom's 72nd Birthday. She always introduced me as her baby, even though I was 30 when she died. She said when she dreamed about me, it was always as a baby. Hmmmm. Now I have a baby of my own and I'm pretty sure I will always think of her as my baby.

To honor my Mom, here are a few of her favorite things:

  • raspberry-filled hard candy
  • the color red
  • green burritos from Del Taco
  • her family
  • Waterford
  • a really good bargain
  • silk
  • cooking
  • babies
  • faith

I miss you Mom and wish you were here nearly every day. You made me the mom I am today - loving, funny, dedicated and, yes, guilt-ridden (of the Catholic persuasion). If you were here, I would pop open a room-temperature Diet Rite and share it with you. Kisses from your baby...

Happy Birthday dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you!

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