Sunday, October 07, 2007


My first week as a working mom is done. It went well, if "well" means "holy hell there is no time to clean or do other household chores except before 6:40 a.m. and I fell asleep with The Girl by 9:30 every night." I won't be blogging about work but I must say I do like having an office with a door again. It's been a while. Also, I made fast friends with the IT help dude and that right there is half the battle of corporate survival. So enough about my nameless, faceless corporate existence. Poof, it no longer exists in the blogosphere.

The Girl did unbelievably well at school last week. After her lunch she heads to the "quiet room" where the kids rest quietly (naps not required) for 30 min before she heads back outside to scream and play until the neighbor girls pick her up. She loves being with them (17 & 20 yrs. old). I told them they could run errands etc. with her if they needed to. The Girl was thrilled when they went to Oxnard to try on soccer cleats. Fun times when you're running errands with the sitter & not your mama.

The Hubby has been a champ about getting The Kid to school every day. I pack her lunch, set out her clothes and get her breakfast ready. Then he takes over the rest of the morning duty - dressing, feeding, school drop-off. The only hitch has been that he doesn't know how to style her hair. And by "style" I mean part it on the left and brush. I kept telling him to part it on HER left. To him that meant parting on HER right and sweeping the bangs to HER left. After a quick review on Thurs., all is good.

I think I will be most happy about my role as a working mother when I get my first paycheck. We have already been daydreaming about Christmas presents and other more mundane things we haven't been able to afford. The Kid flushed the toilet the other day and it made some freakish growling noise. The Hubby looked at me and said, "At least if the something breaks now, we can afford to get it fixed." It's so sexy when he talks about spending money on plumbing or replacing the eaves that have dry rot. Sexy sexy sexy.

It is officially October in Ventura. We had a couple crisp evenings followed by dry-ass Santa Anas. Today it was 79 when I came home from the grocery store. My throat feels chapped and both The Hubby & The Girl have the stuffy nose - is it a cold? is it sinuses? - thing going on. But I'm not complaining - sunny and 70-something with blue skies is a nice way to live.

I popped my sushi cherry last night with the family, V, Jonathan and V's new man-toy Hayseed. I ate pokie (or is it pokey?), raw ahi tuna in a delish marinade. Also tried a spider roll (meh). Next time I order any roll, I'll have to remember to get it made with soy paper because why the fuck would you want to eat seaweed?!?! Blech. Anywho, I will leave you with a picture of The Girl, her Auntie V and Hayseed. Good times.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

People want to eat seaweed because seaweed = salty = yummy!

P.S. Who is this Hayseed anyway?

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Go soy paper - easier to chew the piece in half if needed. And nicer on digestion. Sounds like you had the "Do Me" roll - nice!

I met Hayseed the Gardner (not really, he's an FE'er like the girls) nice guy and knows my loverly end of preggo details whether he wants to or not.

Geez, they take a good photo. Hmmm...

David said...

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Sorry about posting in your comments but I didn't know how else to reach you. Since this is a grass roots effort, I'm simply looking for good people who might help me get the word out about this event. Thought you might be able to help.

P.S. Congratulations on getting back into the workforce!

V said...

Me and the Hayseed want to know how the last couple weeks have been!

xoxox V