Friday, September 28, 2007


I took a break from posting because I was so f-ing overwhelmed by the events of the last couple of weeks - crash, death, survival, memorial, scattering ashes, immense love for husband and lastly, new job. Throw in normal mothering duties and I was on overload. But I am back. I'm not sure what I want to write about so I'm going to list a couple things that are on my mind and if the feeling strikes, I will elaborate later.
  • The time I picked up The Hubby at LAX with Tom's ashes
  • The time I transferred Tom's ashes into another container for scattering
  • Being on the outer circle of grief/watching the inner circle of friends grieve
  • The power of my husband to do what's right - damn, I love this guy
  • We must set up a family trust - thoughts on mortality
  • The day my husband told me to go shopping and I came home with a new work wardrobe
  • The Girl's school and after care arrangements - woo hoo, no more working in the classroom
  • My new job starts Monday and so does the mother guilt, but the money might balance it out


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Um, if ya woulda told me when I saw you, ya woulda got a free shot of Patron! CONGRATULATIONS! They're lucky to have you ;o)

V said...

Its gonna be crazy for awhile - but you have proved time and time again that you have super powers and this too will be no prblem for you. You rock!

I cant wait to come by and squish you this next week!

Anonymous said...

Working again? Ha! Write to the incredible chef soon...regards from the Dead SIDs