Thursday, August 02, 2007


Mothering isn't a glamorous job. And it pays for shit. And the self-confidence building? Not so much. But just occasionally, you get a little glimmer of validation. Today I got it in the form of a comment at the park.

The Girl and I went to the park where we met an 8-year-old girl. The Girl shared her sand toys with the older girl and they played for a bit. We went for a walk across the park without the other girl, leaving our sand toys behind. When we returned about 20 minutes later, a couple little kids (under 2) were playing with the sand toys. The dad asked The Girl if they could continue playing with them and she answered, "Sure. If you bring a toy to the park, you have to share it with everyone." Suddenly, the 8yo realized her shovel and bag were also being played with by the little ones. She ran over, grabbed them and said they were hers. Then she asked Grace why she shared her toys. Again The Girl answered that it was a rule to share her toys at the park. The older girl just shrugged. And at that moment I felt validated. I have done a good job raising my daughter to share. Next up, world peace.

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