Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Motherhood is hard. So is marriage. And both are difficult when your spouse travels. I don't mean to be vague, I just want a break. Not from marriage. Not from motherhood. Just a little rest from the grind. A fucking day off. Not coming anytime soon, though. Hubby got back at 8 p.m. from an exhausting four-day trip. We are tagging along on his next trip (Long Beach) this Thu-Sun. At least we'll all be together in the same spot. Then I have to head down south to take my Dad in for yet another foot surgery on Mon. Who the fuck knows how long I will have to stay down there taking care of him. My Sis will be in Maui on vacation and Dad didn't bother to check schedules until six days before his surgery. I just want a break.

I am actually looking forward to my yearly check-up today. I'm dropping The Girl off with friends so I will have an hour and a half off. I will enjoy the time in the waiting room. I will probably even enjoy the exam. Sad. Of course I may just break down in tears while sitting on the table in my paper gown and she will up my meds. Either way, I still have an hour and a half off.


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Babysitters-in-training here. Give us a call, woman.

V said...

DO IT B - the girl will teach P&J more in an hour than they could get out of a whole book.

And - who are we kiddin it would make for somw damn funny stories!~