Sunday, June 10, 2007


When we went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, we stayed at a hotel the night before with the The Hubby's parents. On the morning we were heading to the park, MIL & FIL were in a tizzy because they had a message on their cell from MIL's brother Kent saying he was downstairs in the lobby and was going to have breakfast with his daughter Sandee (who happens to work at Disneyland & got us in free. SCORE!). FIL was searching the lobby and hotel restaurants for Kent while MIL was leaving messages for him on his cell. When The Hubby & I caught up with them, they were just baffled how Kent, who lives in GEORGIA!!!, could have known we were staying at the Marriott. MIL said she mentioned the Disneyland trip to him in a phone call earlier in the week, but just couldn't fathom that he would be in Anaheim with no advanced warning. Finally I asked, "Ummm...did you check the timestamp on the message?" Apparently this crazy new cellphone technology makes them loose their minds. The Hubby grabbed the phone and went through the missed call log. No call from him there. Then he listened to their saved messages. They had never deleted a message. Finally, The Hubby & I diagnosed the problem. They had missed a call from their friend, but the friend did not leave a message. MIL, thinking there was a message waiting & not just a missed call, dialed her voicemail. She heard a voice mail from a trip to Seattle two years ago that had not been deleted. Kent confirmed everything when he called 5 minutes later. The message was so old that it no longer held a timestamp. The Hubby graciously deleted all messages, all call logs and anything else that could baffle the old folks. Then he walked away from his parents and quietly said to me, "That's the first time I've really felt that my parents are old." Kind of sad. But believe me, we will be repeating that story, poking fun at his parents and getting tons of laughs for years to come.

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SUEB0B said...

I got my parents a cell phone. They used it once - to call me on a test run. They had it for 18 months and never, ever took it with them anywhere - which is why I had gotten it for them - so I finally cancelled their account. It was "too complicated."Sigh.