Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My child just rescued a scrap of wrapping paper from the trash can. (editor's note: Yes, I know I should have recycled it in the first place, but shut up for a minute while I get to the point, OK?!?). She is having separation issues with things. Things like tires, dead plants, water bottle caps and apparently, used wrapping paper.

I had a flat tire last week and as the tow truck driver was taking the "worn out" tire off, she asked, "What are you going to do with my old tire? But I loooooooove my old tire!!!" Waaaaaaaa/cue tears. Seriously. She continued to cry when he put the tire in the trunk for repair later (even though we both knew it was a goner).

That night at Costco, as we used some of The Hubby's hard-earned bonus on four new tires for my car, The Girl again started to wail about how she loved her old tires and didn't want new ones.

She cried yesterday as I pulled several brown sticks that used to be coleus plants out of pots on the porch and replaced them with pretty new flowers.

Today's drama was the wrapping paper from a gift from Auntie Gerri. How heartless am I? I tossed it in the trash. She found it, saved it and wailed about my misdeed.

Could this be her way of dealing with loss/death? Or am I over analyzing? Am I pushing my death-agenda on her?

I think I will ask her teacher and the preschool director tomorrow. They know all about that developmental phase shit. Or maybe I will just Google "crazy junior bag lady compulsive horder."


Vonnie said...

I will still love her when she has her own shopping cart with all her "treasures".

I felt the same way when I turned in my first car - I knew it wouldnt be resold - it was going to die a sad car death - no one would ever love it again even though it was a good car.

Seriously - tears and everything as I drove off the lot in my new auto.

Dont worry - you know they have pills for people like us ;)

inkgrrl said...

I sure hope it's a normal developmental phase - I remember apologizing to the cans remaining on the supermarket shelf when we only chose one or two to take home with us. Never mind that the fate of the chosen ones was to be eviscerated and thrown in the trash...