Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The Hubby was in Arizona for four days on his annual man trip with his two best buddies, watching baseball, drinking beer and eating wings. I am drained. I got nothin' left, people. My brain hurts from playing games and coloring and talking to the four-year-old who NEVER STOPS TALKING! And my dad came for a visit so I actually had two kids for part of the time. I shit you not, he really asked, "Were you about to get up and get some ice cream, honey? Because if you are, I'll have some too."

OK, maybe a tidbit of preschool humor...

We used to tell The Girl to put her shoes on by reciting, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." So the other day, I asked her to put them on so we could go out to eat, adding "Because you know what will happen at the restaurant. No shirt, no shoes..."
"NO PANTS!" she answered.

We went to one of those yummy Benihana-style places for dinner a while back. The chef chopped fast and did lots of tricky things while grilling our food, including the onion volcano which was "SO KEWL" according to The Girl. We brought home a couple pairs of chopsticks because she thought they were also kewl. She's not very adept with the chopsticks, as expected. But the best part is that she has renamed them pork chops. "Mom, look! I'm using my pork chops to eat!" Splat. Snicker.

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