Friday, February 23, 2007


I can no longer empty The Kid's potty without vomiting. I need to put that plastic eyesore in the garbage tonight. Unfortunately, it is filled with shit right now and I would vomit if I went near it. This started about 10 days ago - the barfing, not the shitting. One day, I had no problem transferring her waste from the red plastic bucket thingy into the toilet. The next...urp, urp, BARF. First I thought I was pregnant, because I had a hair-trigger gag reflex when pregnant with The Girl. I peed on a stick and only saw one line. Days later I continued to barf but got my period, so pregnancy is ruled out. Now just the thought of it (shit), sends me heaving.

The Girl has no problems going on the "big potty," she just likes the scale of the little one. And who can blame the kid. Would you want to perch your bare ass on top of a mile-high Jacuzzi with no hand rails or footrest when there's a perfectly sized potty available? I didn't think so. So out of sight, out of mind. And goodbye gag reflex.

I called the The Hubby and let him know there is a "present" waiting for him. Tonight will be the night we say goodbye to the little shitter.

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