Saturday, January 27, 2007


Melissa Summers is one of my favorite bloggers because aside from being a witty writer and a mommy, she is sort of damaged. Like the rest of us. We all have our skeletons, Melissa just shares them with thousands of folks who read her blog, Suburban Bliss. Melissa was on the Today show on Friday discussing the "new" fad of cocktail playdates where mommies drink alcohol. (Side rant - WTF Today show??? Since when is this new? Have they never heard of Mother's Little Helper? At least it's only a drink or two and NOT AMPHETAMINES..."THEY WERE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED!!!!!" the 1969 housewife & mother of three screamed.) While I think Melissa did great, and loads of other mommy bloggers agree (and here too), it seems there is still a murmur of discontent. A current of judgement is bubbling up to the surface. Again, I say WTF? People. We are not drinking shots of Jack Daniels or Cuervo (or even Patron, but hey, that's a pretty good idea). When my mommy friends get together for a little soiree, we have *gasp* a couple mimosas or a glass of wine or even a TGIFriday's branded Long Island Iced Tea. At the park. With the kids. Apparently supervising them inadequately. And then we drive home. After an hour or two or three.

So, uptight America (and I'm gonna throw in Meredith Viera too because she was rather patronizing in the piece), LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP! It's a drink with friends while the kids are expending energy. How many parents will be sitting around watching the Super Bowl with a beer in hand? Are those parents not modeling good behavior for their kids? Geeez. Really. Lighten the fuck up, people. And if I have one more person tell me how they would just "never think of drinking in front of the kids," I will punch them right in the face. After I finish my wine of course.

Moms need to stick together. We need to tell Meredith Viera, that Dr. Lady and all the rest of uptight America that moms are on the job 24/7/365. My last day off? The day I got my colonoscopy. Woo hoo. Vacation. Moms need to decompress sometimes. We need a break. And when we don't get a break, a bottle of wine at playdate sure makes our lives seem a little less monotonous.

So in summary, just shut up about cocktails and stop judging. Let the moms have their little bit of whatever. And if you aren't a mom, for gods sake, call a friend who is and offer to babysit for her one evening. It could save the mommy from AA.


supa said...


So ... is it bad that the more posts I read on the topic, the thirstier I get? I'm thinking White Russian, maybe a little Irish coffee.

Come to think of it, I have a great recipe somewhere for homemade kahlua. Sounds like a family project!

Monkey loves Kitten said...

If I wasn't so drunk right now, I'd have something worthwhile to add. Gotta go! Baby's crying!

Layers of Everything said...

No shit. I think three or four drinks are sometimes appropriate.
I like Melissa too!