Friday, November 24, 2006


I am a traditional turkey kind of gal. We don't fry in my family. The Hubby's family fries their holiday turkey. It just doesn't taste the same with all those weird spices. It's nice and tasty, but doesn't taste like a traditional baked turkey. I am all about the taste of the holidays. So it goes.

The wind was blowing quite hard in scenic Santa Maria and blew out the flame on the deep fryer several times. It also took more than an hour and a half to heat the oil (usually takes 35 min). Then it never quite got to the desired temp, so the FIL just cooked it longer. Instead of eating at 3, we ate at 5:30. And despite my trepidation, the turkey was moist and tasty. Side dishes? A tad overcooked but still tasty. Yum, yum all around.

We took The Girl to the park at 3:30 when we realized the timetable was seriously fucked. So she slept through dinner. Throw in a lot of wine for the MIL and we have ourselves a party. And no, the SIL & BIL did not attend. They didn't even call to wish the parents a Happy Thanksgiving. Bad karma, bad manners.

All in all a harmless family holiday.

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Vonnie said...

I cant believe how ball-less your bro-in-law is. WTF. I hope you made yourself a nice little turkey (your style) when you got home. Whenever we had to eat somewhere else for Turkey day I always made my mom cook for us the next day - the holiday just isnt a holiday when its not the way you like it.