Monday, November 27, 2006


Two notes from The Hubby who is on a business trip to Dubai with three co-workers. Today's a.m. dispatch:

We're about to venture out on the town. We had lunch on the 25th floor with gorgeous views of the city. Pretty amazing stuff. Adjacent to the hotel they've started construction on the second Palm Island. Got a pretty good night of sleep. Little tired but I'm adjusting. Everyone seems to be feeling pretty good. We're going to meet up with the Yacht Club folks later today or tomorrow to get moving forward with the stories. I forgot I was here to work. I'll keep in touch.

Today's p.m. dispatch:

We're about to shut down for the night. One major theme so far: We all have an overwhelming urge to play miniature golf. The only thing missing is the windmill. We got a rental car today and Tom is serving as the driver. Drivers are assholes so Tom fits right in. We also picked up two cell phones for local use. There are about a million shops that sell them here. We went to the world's largest mall and well it's the world's largest mall. Jeff went snowboarding at the mall and thinks he got wind burned. Nice place but I've seen it America.

Finally, I forgot to mention this. On the flight they have one of those in-house GPS screens so you can watch the distance traveled. Interestingly, we split the difference between Iraq and Iran coming here, mainly flying on the Iran side. Jeff noticed that we went up to 41,000 feet for that section of the trip (we normally flew at 35,000) . We all proceeded to take picture of ourselves with the screen in the background.

I hope the kid is treating you well. Off to bed now. Love you.

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