Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Donald Rumsfield resigned today. Ahhh, sweet, sweet music to my ears. But why is it no surprise that W is planning to nominate Robert Gates, who served as CIA chief under the elder Bush (get it elderbush?). Does the prez know how to bring in anyone not associated with his daddy?

And now W gets to be a lame duck president. Previous to this, he was just a lame president. Bye, bye stay the course in Iraq, hello stem cell research and taxing the rich.

Representative Nancy Pelosi, California's very own "latte liberal" according to W, takes over as Speaker of the House. It is the first time in the chamber's 217 years a woman has held the position. And I love her comment:
"Maybe it takes a woman to clean house," said Pelosi, a mother of five. Asked if her remark was deliberately sexist, she replied, "It is. Because the fact is a woman represents what's new, because it's never happened before."

I never dreamed this day would come.

Other things I think will never happen, but would make me unbelievably happy:

  • An all-sugar & carb diet = weight loss
  • A babysitter calls to tell ME that she is available
  • A plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq that starts soon
  • The legalization of pot
  • A freelance PR gig that I could do from home in 20 hours or less a week that would pay well
  • I win the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes $$
  • A drive-thru Starbucks opens in Ventura


Vonnie said...

I call JT some mornings when Im running late to work - thats right at 6am! Your lucky I know you'd be no fun at that time - - anywho -- its all he could talk about as well (even at 6AM!). You are not alone in your rejoice!

PS - Ventura will never ever have a drive thru buck = thats just crazy talk.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Don't know if her statement came first, but Stupid Bush said his first bipartisan manuever was to share information on an interior decorator so Pelosi could change her curtains. What a frikkin' idiot-stick! Touche for Nancy.

P.S. I'm so proud of your daily blogging ;o)