Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Hubby checks in from his business trip in Dubai:

Day went fairly quickly even though most us didn't sleep much. We went to the Sail hotel and had lunch (Grace will have to go to a junior college now). Beautiful on the outside and pretty tacky on the inside. We saw the Palm Island and the World Island under construction.

We met up with the race team and will
get to work tomorrow. Should be a cool story. Tom is doing a great job driving. Jeff and I went to breakfast this morning at a super cool resort. Good meal and beautiful location. We've become locals. We pretty much know how to travel the area. Traffic is awful just like Los Angeles. Lastly, the number of buildings under construction is unbelievable. There is at least 100 high-rise buildings under construction, no kidding. Take care. The week is going very quickly.

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