Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Girl has been rather colorful lately. And by colorful, I mean filled with rage so her face turns beet red. Or a tad bluish from painting her arms and hands with watercolors. She is also full of shit, metaphorically speaking, so she should be brown, but it doesn't work that way I guess.

She has decided that running off at the park, mall, library and front yard is rather fun. The hubby & I have decided it is not so fun. She also likes to run up to strangers and say, "Save me. My mommy is chasing me!" Ha ha ha, not. Many discussions have been had. The threat of no TV (oh dear gawd that would hurt me soooooo) and the threat of no "treats" have been made. The mysterious no treats threat seems very horrifying to her despite the fact we did not detail what these treats actually were. Dessert? Could be. Toys? Could be. So we just give the threat of no whatever and she has straightened right up. No running off for one whole day! Success!!! Maybe.

She also said the dreaded word that I thought we would stave off until five or so...WHATEVER. She turned on her heel while I was lecturing her and said, "Whatever." And she added a flick of her wrist on the way to her room. It took all of my energy not to shake that word right out of her vocabulary.

I really think having one kid is my limit. At least while this one is finding her inner three-year-old.

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jennster said...

OMFG @ all of her behavior. beat her. forever. LOL
goo dluck